Purchase an Image

Thank you for your interest in acquiring an image. I have four options:

  • Print: $25 plus framing cost, shipping and Minnesota sales tax
  • Digital Use – Limited Commercial License: $50 plus Minnesota sales tax
  • Digital Use – Unlimited Commercial License: $100 plus Minnesota sales tax
  • Free Personal Use – See Next Paragraph

Image / Photo Provided: Your purchased image will be a “non-watermarked” photo of higher resolution than shown on this web site or via my Flickr account. You are welcome to download a watermarked image from this web site or my Flickr account at no cost for personal, non public use. There is no charge for personal, non public use.

Digital Limited Use Commercial License is defined as a specific instance where you utilize my image. Here is an example, if you use my image for a web campaign, you may NOT use that same image for a print campaign.

Digital Unlimited Use Commercial License is defined as my granting you unlimited, never ending rights to the image you license. You may not resell or relicense the image by itself.

Payment: You will be invoiced via PayPal in advance. PayPal accepts most major credit cards.

My Contact Information: RichardHoeg@GMail.Com

  • Please send me an email both describing the photo you wish to purchase / license. In the text of your email, provide me the url to the web page from this site upon which the photo may be found. Thank you.

My Photographs:

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