Day 289: Sandhill Cranes Crex Meadows Fall Migration

Over 21,000 Sandhill Cranes have stopped at the Crex Meadows Wildlife Refuge to feed and rest during their fall migration. In addition, there are lots of ducks, eagles and swans. Yesterday morning I drove 100 miles south from northern Minnesota to Grantsburg, Wisconsin to insure I was in the wetlands before dawn. When the sun rose, the cranes started to move out of their night time roosts to eat in the surrounding farmlands. The noise and sight was inspiring and beautiful. Here are a few photos and two videos I took shortly after sunrise.

An bald eagle looks over possible breakfast birds!


A small flock of sandhill cranes starts to take off


Still photographs of sandhill cranes and one trumpeter swan
289-Birds-365-Crex-Meadows-Sandhill-Cranes-Group-Takeoff-1 289-Birds-365-Crex-Meadows-Sandhill-Cranes-Landing-Now 289-Birds-365-Crex-Meadows-Sandhill-Cranes-Group 289-Birds-365-Crex-Meadows-Sandhill-Cranes-Trio-Flight 289-Birds-365-Crex-Meadows-Trumpeter-Swan-in-Reeds-1 289-Birds-365-Crex-Meadows-Sandhill-Cranes-Dawn-Flight

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