Photography in the Fog!

Do damp, drizzly, foggy days keep you inside? If the answer is “yes”, you are missing some unique and challenging photographic opportunities. At this time of year in northern Minnesota fog is often present. Warm air from the south blows north and meets up with cold Lake Superior. Even though today is June 1st, the temperature of the deep blue water of Gitchee Goomie is still in the 30’s. The net effect is a fog factory.

Last week we had plenty to days with fog. Temperatures rarely broke 50 degrees, but I still spent lots of time outside with my camera. While like everyone else I love clear blue skies, in my part of the universe the sun now rises around 5 am. This means the “golden hour” is over before many people even awake for the day (not me). During the middle of the day, the bright sun makes fine photography a challenge … enter the foggy day!

Fog evens light out, and provides the opportunity for “disappearing act” images. Bright colors seem more vibrant on gloomy days. Unlike the golden hour which is at best 90 minutes long, the foggy conditions change constantly as the fog rolls in and out with the shifting wind.

Thus take your camera and venture outside! Here are just two of my foggy day photos from last week. A good time was had by all!

American Goldfinch in the Fog


Ghost Ship (Duluth Harbor)

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