Goldeneye and Friends!

I think I shall never see, a Goldeneye sitting in a tree!

Seriously, this morning a few minutes after sunrise was a treat. I have never seen goldeneyes on shore anywhere within miles of me, and these ducks spook oh so easily. Eyes seem to spend almost all their time in the water, or flying, but this morning was different. I found a few eyes on shore, and given how low the sun was to the horizon I was able to stalk up closely to the birds using some docks which were out of water for the winter as cover.

After my fun with the “eyes”, I found a red-tailed hawk deep in the woods, and was able to watch it from only 15 yards away as it successfully hunted for its breakfast. I was amazed how deep in the woods it hunted. It was darn hard to just walk in the thick underbrush.

Finally I saw my first trumpter swans of the late fall. These birds are generally the last waterfowl to start their migration south. Winter will soon be here.

A Standing Goldeneye


Red-Tailed Hawk and Breakfast
Y2-M11-Red-Tailed-Hawk-2 Y2-M11-Red-Tailed-Hawk-3-eating


Trumpeter Swans and Friends

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