The Yellow Birds of Scotland!

At home, I might ID this bird as a Palm Warbler. While on bike tour in Scotland, I will only call it a “yellow bird”! We are having a great time while cycling around Scotland. The national bike route keeps us on fantastic and beautiful small roads. Cars are unusual.

My daily bike diary may be found on the Crazy Guy on a Bike Portal.

Here is the “yellow bird” and two cycling photos … a great dinner in a pub this evening, and one view while cycling this afternoon. Oh yes, staying in a Youth Hostel tonight for the first time in 40 years. We actually have a private room … with the dorm section full of English college students who are up here surfing … brrrr.

Yellow Bird – Dinner in the 3 Kings Pub – View While Cycling of the North Sea

Post edited after returning home … real bird names added …¬†Yellowhammerd3-yellow-warbler_wm d3-dinner-3-kings_wmd3-portnoy-vista-sea_wm


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