The Strawberry Moon Over Lake Superior

Now arriving tonight at Canal Park in Duluth, the freighter Whitefish Bay under the Strawberry Moon! (and some lighthouse photos)

The first image is a particular favorite of mine. I was almost ready to call it quits last night, when I noticed the Whitefish Bay approaching the entrance to the Duluth harbor. I then positioned myself and hoped the moon would not get too high. During the wait I played around with higher ISO settings because I knew I would need a faster shutter speed to insure the ship was not blurry due to motion. In addition, I worked my zoom lens in and out, trying to insure the moon did not get too small, but also allowing me to zoom out for a wider image. I settled on 1,600 ISO. Normally I like to photograph the moon with an ISO of 100 which will yield less noise in a finished image. Finally I set my aperture open wider than normal for a moonrise (5.6) to capture more light. The end result was I was able to have an exposure of only 1/200th of a second and render the Whitefish Bay motionless.
Strawberry-Moon-Canal-Park-3 Strawberry-Moon-Canal-Park-2 Strawberry-Moon-Canal-Park-1


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