eBird Range Maps

A very useful tool when birding an unfamiliar region, or just looking for a specific kind of bird in your home area are eBird Range Maps. This map based tool will pull up Google Maps with eBird sighting reports superimposed on top. Whether on a mobile device or a personal computer, you may move the map around, select different date options, bird species and much more. Use the linked version I have provided attached to this post, and after setting some parameters bookmark it to your own computer. Once saved to your own device, you may easily load the tool, make a few changes and have a local bird guide! Please note that sensitive species such as Great Gray Owls will not be accessible via the range map.

I have annotated a screenshot of a Evening Grosbeak eBird Range Map. I often switch Google Maps over to satellite mode once I zoom in on a desired birding area. This helps me learn in advance what kind of habitat I will encounter.

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